Student sharing - UK service learning trip

Service learning trip – York, UK
“In July 2015, I took part in a service learning trip to York, United Kingdom in order to learn about the newest development in non-governmental organizations. What I found the most astonishing was the official statistics reported in the Community Life Survey, which states that 15 million people, almost a quarter of the total population in the UK, volunteer at least once a month. While I could not find any relevant statistics in Hong Kong, volunteering is certainly nowhere near as popular in our local community. One of the reasons might be the lack of an online platform like the "Do-it" website in the UK, which allows NGOs to post available voluntary positions, and let volunteers search and apply for these positions. Nowadays we have online platforms for shopping, crowdfunding, social networking and a lot more, so why not one for volunteering? It is a great idea that we can borrow from the UK to help promote voluntary work and community services in Hong Kong.”
- Dennis LAU