Cultus et Beneficentia Award – highest honor in CW Chu College

Congratulations to Matthew LI (Year 5)! Matthew was honored for receiving the Cultus et Beneficentia Award 2018 from CW Chu College, in recognition of his sustained commitment to enhancing bonding and facilitating cultural exchanges among College members, his insatiable quest for knowledge and intellectual excellence, and his burning passion for organising and supporting College events and activities.

The Cultus et Beneficentia Award was established in 2016 by CW Chu College, to be granted to the best student(s) of each graduating class. It aims to recognise students who have demonstrated the spirit of the College in the best way during their normative study periods. It is the highest honour for students of the College.

This award was presented at the First High Table Dinner on 13 September 2018.

Source: CW Chu College