Singapore study trip showed the limitless future of FinTech

A group of undergraduate students from the GLEF and Asian Business Studies of CUHK Business School participated in a three-day study trip to Singapore from 2 - 4 November 2017.
Students first visited Otonomos, an international FinTech start-up, where they were introduced to the concepts of blockchain technology, and how the company transformed and streamlined traditional companies’ incorporation and governance processes through digitalization.

During the visit to National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School, students attended a lecture by Prof.
The final stop of company visits took students to Citi Innovation Lab in Changi Business Park.
“For a business student, understanding the latest industry trend and the increasing complex global business environment is much more important than mastering textbook knowledge,” shared by Michael Guo (ABS, Year 3 [2017]).
Established in January 2011, Citi Innovation Lab in Singapore leverages algorithms, analytics, and interactive and visualisation technologies to engage Citi’s institutional clients and deliver innovative products that solve their strategic challenges.

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Guest lecture by Prof. Joseph YAM

We’re privileged to have invited Prof.  Joseph Yam, founder of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), to host a guest lecture with topic “Financial Culture”.

Prof.  Joseph YAM is a Distinguished Research Fellow in Lau Chor Tak Institute of Global Economics and Finance, CUHK. more

International students at GLEF

CUHK Business School invited current international students to share their views on living and studying at the different major programs. Watch via YouTube here.

For users who cannot access YouTube, please click here to view the video on Youku.

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Cathay Pacific City company visit

GLEF students joined Economics students for a visit to Cathay Pacific City, organized by the Department of Economics, CUHK.

The students enjoyed a lunch buffet and a walking tour hosted by a current flight attendant. more

Shaoguan service trip

Organizer: CUHK Business School and Shaoguan University

Sharing by GLEF students


“If you ask me what encourages me to attend this service trip to teach children living in the village in mainland, I would probably answer that, ‘A child without education is like a bird without wings.’

The students we taught are of far different background from us.
Although we could not do much in the lessons to ameliorate their situation, we could broaden their horizon during the time.
Through this service trip, I realized how fortunate we are to be undergraduate students and to be provided with advanced learning system.

- Rachel CHAN


“Wishing to get along with new friends, hoping to explore more about the Mainland and aspiring to serve the unfortunate in the community, all these become the driving force for me to join the Shaoguan service trip.
I am thankful to all individuals I met during the trip.
The highlight of the journey must be volunteer teaching in a local secondary school.
Since the trip, I find myself obliged to serve the less fortunate one in our world. - Kelly LAU more