GLEF students swept 1st runner up in the KPMG Business Administration Paper 2016

“‘The first-runner up of this year [2016] KPMG Business goes to… Stockin!’ This thrilling announcement marked a perfect full stop for our four-month case competition journey. Our effort finally paid off!

We were grateful to meet each other and form such a “dream team” in GLEF. We accompanied each other in weathering all the ups and downs during this long race. By pooling in our diverse talents in research, visual aid and presentation, we created great chemistry and fought for the same goal. From brainstorming ideas to conducting market research; from writing proposal to presenting in front of a professional panel, we enjoyed every moment of turning a crazy idea into a solid and feasible business plan.

The competition also serves as a golden learning opportunity. We challenged ourselves by dedicating 100% of energy and going beyond our limit. Immersing ourselves in the world of Fintech, we gained up-to-date industry insights and explored the enormous growing potential in this financial field. We have met many intelligent and veteran financial professionals whom generous shared their personal stories and career advice with us. We all experienced a steep learning curve!

Fighting with such an amazing team is definitely one of the most unforgettable episodes in our university life.”
- Rachel CHAN, Daniel HO, Kelly LAU, Christie LEUNG

GLEF students Rachel CHAN, Daniel HO, Kelly LAU, Christie LEUNG swept 1st runner up in the KPMG Business Administration Paper 2016.

The competition was themed “The Digital Entrepreneur” and attracted over 300 local and global entrants. Participating teams were required to come up with a detailed business plan for a start-up company incorporating digital technology. In the final round, they were required to do an oral presentation to the panel of judges including Academic and Business Evaluation Committees. Proposals were examined over four areas: originality and creativity, feasibility, effectiveness and profitability.

With more than 30 years of history, the Business Administration Paper is one of the oldest international business plan writing competitions. Organized by Hong Kong Federation of Business Students, the competition aims at fostering the interflow of ideas between the academic and business fields, ultimately enhancing participants’ knowledge of the real business environment. By taking students to a larger arena compared with standard classroom projects, students are propelled to think, learn and inspire on a much larger scale.