GLEF student won 2nd runner up in the KPMG Business Administration Paper 2014

“KPMG BA Paper Competition was the first business competition for me as well as the most colorful one. I started to prepare for the competition from the October of last year [2014], with three of my friends – Charlie from QFIN, Zoe and Cherrie from IBBA. The topic of this year was ‘A market in between’, where candidates were required to propose a new business idea in terms of a niche market. It’s really a great honor for our proposal to be selected by CUHK and we then presented the idea in the semi-final round to professors from different universities. During the grand final, it was quite exciting to listen to the comments from the judging panels which included Directors from different industries.

The most difficult part for the competition was to come up with an excellent business idea, which should be both creative and feasible. We spent several nights brainstorming different ideas and evaluating the originality and feasibility of each of them, which was really a tough process because we can hardly reach a consensus and we almost felt that we might give up the competition. But fortunately we finally found a best one and we actually learned a lot from those discussions as it was a great opportunity to conduct analysis on various ideas and their industries. Furthermore, we have learned a lot from other teammates during the competition, knowing how to better communicate with others and make compromise when necessary.”
– Iris LIU

GLEF student Iris LIU and her CUHK Business School teammates Charlie (QFIN), Zoe and Cherrie (IBBA) won 2nd runner up in the KPMG Business Administration Paper 2014.

Organized annually by the Hong Kong Federation of Business Students, KPMG Business Administration Paper is one of the Asia's leading business competitions aiming at bringing together the business community and the academia for creative ideas and inspiring thoughts. In 2014, the competition attracted over 300 teams from 9 local universities and 12 foreign universities.

After three stages of assessment, the CUHK Business School team was awarded the second runner-up.