Gigi LIU - Prudential Hong Kong

“Prudential, the well-prepared nature in which helped me when I had to have the surgery, as well as the working sprit there were the reasons I joined the internship program here.

Throughout the internship, I am responsible for working with client related items: financial planning preparation, deal with claims settlements and client data management.
Other than knowing deeper about this industry, I worked as a “one-man-band” this time, which I have to handle numerous complicated tasks and provide fully supports for my mentor, it was quite challenging, yet it is a fruitful experience for me.” more

Cecilia YEUNG - Hong Kong Monetary Authority

“In the past year, I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA).
Awash with anxiety and uncertainty, I started the job in June 2017.
My colleagues were extremely friendly and they would unreservedly demonstrate to me how to deal with different tasks whenever I encountered difficulties.
All in all, the placement program was an amazing experience and I was absolutely delighted to have made the decision of taking a gap year and working in the HKMA.” more

Stephanie LAI – HSBC

“During the 6 months internship at the financial control team of HSBC, the exposure to and participation in the bank’s financial control procedures have allowed me to gain in-depth understanding on the general banking practice in finance.
These all-in-all have allowed me to better prepare myself for my future career. more

Sunny WANG – Excellent Water Appraisal & Co

“An amazing internship journey had equipped me with useful skills and fruitful memories.
My internship was divided into two periods, September to December in 2017 and June to August in 2018, for a total of 7 months. more

Chia Min LEE - OTS Capital Management

“I interned at OTS Capital, a Hong Kong based Pan Asia long short equity hedge fund, in my final year.
During the internship, I have written several investment notes as well as equity research report assigned by the portfolio manager and help related marketing stock pitch.
Throughout the internship, I’ve learned basic equity research and have a basic understanding of hedge fund business.
I have to thank GLEF for providing relevant finance courses and help me gain basic knowledge in the financial market prior to this internship. more