Eric ZAN - Green Court Capital Management Consulting (Shanghai)

“During the summer in 2018, I Interned at Green Court Capital Management in the Investment team for 10 weeks.
The internship was a great opportunity for me to get insights into buy-side equity research jobs.
In addition, I enhanced my professional skills such as critical thinking, analytical ability, and communication skills by conducting different research projects. more


“During the internship in HSBC Commercial Banking, I was assigned to the Innovation and Growth Team (IG) of Innovative Business and Growth Team (IBG) in Business Banking Department.
I was responsible for facilitating the value preposition and implementation of HSBC’s Faster Payment System.
It is believed that GLEF has provided students with sufficient assistance in job hunting. more


“During my third summer holiday in university, I interned at HSBC under the stream of Commercial Banking.
Without any solid prior experience in corporate banking, the job was undoubtedly challenging as it exposes me to different client-facing activities as well as involves an extensive amount of analysis work based on companies’ financials.
On top of that, the internship experience also taught me how important it is to develop adequate soft skills in the workplace.
Hereby I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the colleagues in the Commercial Real Estate division, especially my functional managers Mandy Yip and Victor Chan, who showed me unanimous support and guidance throughout the summer. more

Helen CHAN – Nomura International

“During the summer time in 2018, I joined Nomura International (Hong Kong) Limited as their Summer Intern Analyst in Operations.
Working in a fast-paced investment bank was challenging, but yet it enhanced my on-the-ground understandings in the transaction supporting functions and potential challenges that might face as the middle office of a typical bank.
More importantly, I gained essential soft skills from the internship, which is highly valuable in workplace environment.
Afterall, I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards Nomura for the effort and trust placed in guiding me through the practical operations in an investment bank. more

Lyric LI – HSBC

“During the summer 2018, I completed my trading internship at HSBC GBM with flow credit trading team.
Working in trading floor is a really fast-paced, yet exciting journey.
Apart from enhancing technical skills, I also realized that soft skills are equally important.
I would like to express my gratitude to all my colleagues for the unreserved support, friendship and unforgettable memories.” more