Brian LAM – Hang Seng Bank

“I have interned at Hang Seng Bank in Insurance Business Finance Department (ISF) for 11 months. During this 11-month internship, I was responsible for the managerial reporting for manufacturing and Hang Seng’s insurance distribution business, and also monthly forecast for the overall insurance business performance. This sounding internship equipped me with the analytical and quantitative skills required in the banking industry. more

Charlotte CHEUNG - HSBC

“I worked in the Revenue Management Team of Phone Banking Department, which is responsible for evaluating and driving the performance of frontline staff. During my 6-month internship, I had worked on different analyses under the coaching of managers and colleagues, such as a funnel analysis investigating the root cause of underperformance. The internship experience was very fruitful as it equipped me with both technical and soft skills of the industry. more