Jonathan HO – Mercer Investments (HK)

“During the fall semester in 2016, I interned at Mercer, Hong Kong, in the Investment Advisory team. Throughout the internship, I was responsible for researching macroeconomic data internally for the Greater China region, extracting up-to-date data for specific indices and products with the use of Bloomberg Terminal, managing databases using Mercer proprietary software etc.

Working in a consulting firm was challenging but concurrently rewarding since it was fortunate for me to participate in different genres of projects in which the learning curve was going steeper and steeper along my journey in Mercer. Particularly, my understanding on investment funds in varied asset classes and various strategies such as factor investing and low volatility investing has been enhanced. In general, this precious internship opportunity has enriched my knowledge in investment funds and widened my exposure in investment management.

Besides, I recognized that soft skills appear to be equally essential in the workplace, for example, teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills, since liaising with clients and collaborating with colleagues are our everyday language at work. As the old saying goes, ‘Unity is strength’, I believe that teamwork and cooperation are indispensable in every corporation and financial institution; therefore, it is always true that everyone welcomes a person who can work well with people.  

Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all of my dearest colleagues in the Investment Advisory team as well as in Mercer for their continuous support and guidance throughout the past months. I believe that the gold and treasure I have shovelled in Mercer will become my lifelong nuts and bolts.”