Bill YU – HSBC

“I have long been dedicated to working in the finance industry in my near future. However, due to my first two summer vacations spending in the military service and my rather poorer performance on studies in CUHK or in Hong Kong this competitive surroundings, I have lost a great number of better candidates from the beginning. Thus, I knew I needed to at least take my first step. Fortunately, from the career information from CUHK, I received the job post hiring co-op student trainees at HSBC, one of the most prestigious banks both in Hong Kong and around the world. At that moment, I realized that would be a great start, no matter at which department, at least, it opened up my path leading to the banking industry.

Herein I wish to thank my line manager Sandy Yeung. I barely knew nothing about credit & risk and any stuff that is related to it initially. However, she and her team were patient to teach me and allowed some mistakes I made. To be honest, I would probably not be going to work in retail banking risk in my future; after all, what I have learnt doesn’t fit and I don’t think my abilities fit it the best, still, I have learnt a lot and had a glimpse into what real work life is like. I am extremely grateful for the experience itself and all the people on my team, and I cherish what I have gained from the internship.”