Rachel CHAN - The University of New South Wales, Australia

“Hi Sydney,

I really love all the things you brought to me - new friends, old friends, relaxation, appropriate learning environment, Dance Society, Wonderful trips, comfortable house(mates)... I learn to be humble, patient, positive, helpful and to be myself.

I learn not to judge before knowing, give up before trying, and blame before investigating.

Exchange is an unique chance that you can search for your self - about your dreams, your soul and your limits. The most important message is you do not have to follow suit because each of us has the one and only experience to make us proud. There is no standard answer for what an Exchange should be like but we all have to find the best-fit exchange style.

Cherish people who care about your feeling more than your achievement. Stay with those who make you mentally healthy and stay away from the time-wasting stubbornness. Australia is a place that makes me feel the giant nature, and how tiny I (and my problems) can be.

Thanks for letting me relax and return with a refreshing soul from exchange and may you stay in my memory vividly :)

Rachel Chan”