Jimmy CHEN - The University of British Columbia, Canada

The Best Place on Earth! Canadian people in British Columbia always proudly call their home like this. I am also very fortunate to have the chance to study in British Columbia for one term. And I really had a good time in the Best Place on Earth with kind people and excellent courses in UBC.

I went to the Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia (UBC) in the fall of 2017. I fell in love with stunning scenery of British Columbia the first day I arrived in Vancouver. The amazing sunset of Vancouver and the fantastic skiing in Whistler are just snapshots of the wonderful natural scenery in British Columbia. While beautiful buidlings in Victoria are excellent representative of British Columbia’s cultural landscape.

In addition to beautiful scenery, the excellent courses in UBC really impressed me as well. Professors in UBC integrate theory and practice very well. For instance, I took the course of Real Estate Finance in UBC. The booming housing market in Vancouver provieds a perfect environment for us to study real estate in UBC. Furthermore, my professor, Thomas Davidoff who holds a PhD from MIT, is really an expert in real estate finance. He is hands down best prof in UBC. He always prepare something interesting and likes to entertain the class with funny stories about real eastate market. He is very helpful when giving advice because he knows a lot about the Real Estate industry. And He is also a friendly and respectable prof. Every class is the time he showers us with some love and knowledge. I was extremely interesting in this class and enjoyed learning it. So I learned a lot about real estate finance and did a good job in this class. At the end of this class, I got a grade of A+ and was even invited by Thomas to be his research  assistant.

The people in Vancouver are also very nice and easygoing. In October, I was invited to attend a Thanksgiving dinner organized by local community. It was really an perfect opportunity to try a Canadian Thanksgiving meal with turkey, ham, and desserts and meet a lot of people. In November, I had an opportunity to visit the house of a Chinese Canadian auntie in White Rock. Her family kindly accommodated me and shared a lot of interesting stories about Chinese community in British Comlumbia.
Last but not least, as a big football fan, I like Vancouver because it has Vancouver Whitcaps FC which is one of the best football club in North America. Whitecaps is the runner-up in the western conference of MLS this season and I am proud of it.

In a nutshell, I am firmly convinced that British Comlumbia is a perfect destination for exchange study. I would recommend students in CUHK to study in British Comlumbia for one term. I am firmly convinced that they will have a wonderful time in British Comlumbia.”