Ivan JIM - Maastricht University, The Netherlands

“Maastricht, may be an unfamiliar name to most of you, so you may wonder why I chose this University to be my exchange destination. If you search Masstricht on Google map, you may have a clue. You see? Its geographical position is super convenient for travelling around. As it is located at the edge of The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, so I could bike to Aachen (German city) or Hasselt (Belgium city) in only 30 minutes. As a huge soccer fans, I have been to 5 different countries and watched 9 soccer matches in 5 months, including renowned clubs like Liverpool, Dortmund, Barcelona etc.

The other reason I chose Maastricht University is because of its innovative learning system called ‘problem-based learning’, which simply means that there would be no lecturer teaching in classes, instead, groups formed by 3-4 students were responsible for facilitation during each tutorial session, so everyone in class had the chance to share their opinions or raise questions. Personally speaking, I really enjoy this rather than just jotting notes from the PowerPoint like we usually do in Hong Kong, as this really helps us consolidate our knowledge.”