Helen CHAN – The University of Sydney, Australia

“The semester exchange to Australia was about asking myself how far I could go beyond my comfort zone.

If you started to feel bored in studying your major, would you try some thought-provoking discussions towards sociology of religion, sex education on young people or even philosophy of life with Australian? Perhaps broadening your diversity in academic field did not sound interesting. What about going somewhere in the sky? Harbour Bridge climbing and skydiving might be your cup of tea. Excitements also included snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, sand boarding at Lancelin Desert and the list went on.

To make a living thousands kilometres away from home was certainly another challenge. I had never thought of staying in a flat full of cockroaches could be an essential life-saving skill that I have learnt. It took time to miss my mum’s soup and, of course, my family members as well. Special moments such as cooking edible dishes with my handicapped friend and arguing with foreign flatmates solely in English were also my fun stories to tell.

Sounds interesting, right?”