Giovanni TIONARDY - National University of Singapore, Singapore

““Singapore has always been my favourite city, and I am extremely grateful to be able to experience and spend a term at the National University of Singapore. Despite being located in Asia, Singapore is considered a diverse society with a combination of Asian and Western cultures comprising four official languages. The city itself is clean and green, and the locals are very helpful and friendly. As a trilingual person who speaks English, Mandarin and Indonesian languages, I feel at home. Lectures held at NUS are intriguing and interactive, and each student is required to bring a name stand to class for participation marks. I was surprised and felt pressured at first, but after contributing to several classes, I am used to it. In terms of travelling, there is not much to explore in Singapore, but foodies and Instagrammers will definitely love this city for its variety of cuisines and Instagram-worthy cafes.

“Exchange isn’t a year in your life, but it’s a life in a year.”””