Thiha ZAW - Class of 2016

“The GLEF program provides a rigorous training ground not only for those aiming for a banking career but also for those with a strong interest in research.  Interdisciplinary nature of the program allowed me to find my passion through exploring the diverse topics in economics and finance. For an aspiring academic, I could take full advantage of numerous research opportunities offered by the program both in the university and in the finance industry.

Aside from professional development, I had a chance to meet with the brightest minds from across the world through this truly global program. My classmates hail from China, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, with diverse stories yet the same spirit of teamwork. Professors, advisors, and administrative support are always easily accessible.

Overall, with interdisciplinary structure, strong quantitative training, and supportive community, the program is a critical boost for my career in research and my network of lifelong friends.”