Rocky SHUM - Class of 2017

“This is the beginning of something great.

5 years ago I delightfully accepted the GLEF offer with loads of hopes and expectation ahead of my u-life. Still 5 years later I have become so much more than I could have imagined at that time. So what happened?

Opportunities happened. I strived hard and was fully supported by the program for my every attempt. Running student organization, applying for scholarships, going on exchange and hunting for jobs, our program directors and manger were always ready to provide counsel and assistance. Here I was encouraged to explore, excel, lead and prove myself. And I was not doing this alone. I was growing with a bunch of brilliant minds who have eventually become some of my closest friends. It was a huge catalyst.

Lots of possibilities are here but study tops them all. Our curriculum is not necessarily designed to train up investment guru (of course you can be, at your own dedication) but rather someone who can think analytically and critically in global context. At the end, you will be able to discuss comfortably and confidently with people, if not more, about the macro trends of the world.

Make no mistakes, no one is destined to succeed without making effort. I however can assure you GLEF is a great place to leverage on your effort. If you are willing to do what it takes, welcome onboard!”