Dominic LAI - Class of 2016

“‘I am an alumni of GLEF’.

This simple sentence may be the proudest statement that I’ll ever make.

GLEF is an excellent and unique program that allows you to meet extraordinary talented people from different parts of the world, prepare you to become a prominent future leader & explore different parts of the world through overseas exchange /internship programs.

GLEF brings the most brilliant people into one room. All former and current students of GLEF are capable of doing the impossible. There are multiple arduous challenges await for one in this program, yet one will be backed up with proficient course mates, helpful professors and sophisticated career ambassadors. In the end of the day, one will be thankful to have these challenges because these experiences shape GLEF students to become the best of the best.

If you think you are fit for GLEF, join us now and become the best of the best!”

(the left one in the photo)