[5 questions series] Get to know Alfred CHOI (GLEF Year 1) in 5 questions

Your favorite corner at CUHK is:
YIA 1/F Cafe & Book store.

The person you admire most and why:
Jeremy Lin for his humble character and never-give-up spirit.

In 10 years, you will be:
An economist, crediting agent or a business consultant.

Name one of your regrets:
I wish I had learned playing guitar and formed a band with my peers.

You have been a member of Outstanding Student Association since secondary school. Encouraged by my group leader (組媽).

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Sunny breakfast with WYS College Master

Seven students from the Faculty of Social Science and the Inter-disciplinary Major Program in Global Economics and Finance had the Sunny Breakfast gathering with the Wu Yee Sun College Master on 25th Feb 2014. It was a joyful discussion on sharing views on how to motivate students’ participation in College activities and build their own College culture.

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