Yoyo BIAN - Samsung Electronics

“I have been working at Samsung Electronics (Headquarter in Suwon, Korea) for three weeks this summer. Although the time was short, I have learnt a lot from this internship. I was in China Product Marketing Group, which is in charge of marketing and sales of Samsung mobile phones in China market. During my internship, I was responsible for investing how to improve mobile phone sales at online market and how to improve the preferences and loyalty of Chinese youth toward Samsung brand. I think the most important thing that I have learnt was how to communicate with my colleagues to absorb useful resources. I would chat with them to learn about background information, current situation and challenges, and their perspectives on the issues. They would provide me the most updated information and useful advice that contribute to my investigation. Moreover, I was appreciated to experience the corporate culture of a multinational company and was admired by their mutual respect and harmonious working atmosphere. In all, I was so lucky to have this opportunity to work in Samsung.”