Takashi ENDO - Bank of China, Jakarta

“During the Summer 2015, I had a great opportunity to join the Bank of China as a Corporate Banking Intern from June 2015 to August 2015. Bank of China is the oldest bank in China with years of experiences and developments, and is ranked as the 2015 9th largest companies in the world by assets according Fortune Global 500. Throughout the internship, I had collaborated with other colleagues in conducting credit analysis, financial analysis, and market research, in accordance to the laws, regulations, and market practices. From this internship, I have realized the importance of other necessary skills beside our knowledge in the field of finance that we will have to acquire in order to succeed, like time management, interpersonal skills, and self-motivation etc. Overall, I would say I have gained an unforgettable internship experience and remarkable memories with the colleagues of the Bank of China.”