Jonathan HO – Bocconi University, Italy

“Going on an exchange, personally speaking, is to prove or verify something that you are genuinely eager to acquire and store in your life chapters.

One of the solid reasons choosing Bocconi University is its prestige as a first class business school in the world as well as in Europe. The learning environment there is unbelievably much more competitive than in CUHK in which I could hardly find a seat in the library during the school time; it seemed that every student was licking and chewing the reference books all day long. Yet, the goal to understand how a first class business school teaches ‘business’, ‘economics’ and ‘finance’ from a global perspective is successfully achieved. The professors and the ways they deliver the core messages are outstanding.

What’s more, tasting the exotic life by travelling is simultaneously a valuable thing that I have done. Unlike the majority of exchange students, I spent a comparatively long travelling time in each place or country; let’s say a four-day trip in Luxembourg. By doing so, I could gradually merge into the local community and observe the lifestyle of local people more clearly since I would probably never be given another chance to stay in a place for a prolonged time after this exchange. Knowing their behaviours sometimes granted me lots of joy because their working styles or habits surprised me and changed some of my values and the ways of thinking. Those shocks are beyond imagination and really worth storing in my life chapters.

An exchange sometimes not only becomes your lifelong memory, but it can also be a turning point in your life.”