Charlotte CHEUNG - The University of New South Wales, Australia

"Everyone knows Australia for her beautiful nature, delicious seafood, and friendly people. But what I have enjoyed there during exchange are far more than these. Freely sharing ideas with professors and schoolmates in an interactive way was a main part of my learning in the host university, which stimulated me to think out of the box. New and long-lasting friendships were established by meeting and getting along with both local and foreign students from all over the world. I also took up many new challenges in this colorful country, such as snorkeling, flying a plane, and even skydiving! It is so rare to do these activities in Hong Kong, but I was given the chance to try them all in Australia. As the saying goes, stepping out of your comfort zone will definitely bring you more wonderful scenes.
There is much I like about Australia and the Aussie lifestyle is probably the thing I miss the most after my exchange life!"