Helen CHAN – The University of Sydney, Australia

“The semester exchange to Australia was about asking myself how far I could go beyond my comfort zone.

If you started to feel bored in studying your major, would you try some thought-provoking discussions towards sociology of religion, sex education on young people or even philosophy of life with Australian? To make a living thousands kilometres away from home was certainly another challenge. Sounds interesting, right?”

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Ivan JIM - Maastricht University, The Netherlands

“Maastricht, may be an unfamiliar name to most of you, so you may wonder why I chose this University to be my exchange destination. The other reason I chose Maastricht University is because of its innovative learning system called ‘problem-based learning’, which simply means that there would be no lecturer teaching in classes, instead, groups formed by 3-4 students were responsible for facilitation during each tutorial session, so everyone in class had the chance to share their opinions or raise questions.

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Zane YANG - University of Toronto, Canada

“Going to exchange is like playing a bonus expansion pack of your university life. I went to Rotman Commerce School of University of Toronto. I met several new friends during the 4 months of my exchange.

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