GLEF newsletter "In Dialogue with Business Elites"

The 1st issue of GLEF newsletter "In Dialogue with Business Elites", was initiated and completely organized by GLEF career ambassador. They invited business elites to share their valuable insights on different topics. The 1st issue features equity management, private equity, investment banking, information system, financial technology, and Chinese enterprise.

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GLEF emphasizes the importance of experiential learning activities to enhance students’ soft skills and enrich their learning experience. The Career Ambassador Scheme was set up in 2015-16, under which up to two GLEF students would be recruited every year to coordinate and administer several career-related events, so as to raise the students’ career awareness within GLEF. Up to now, they have organized several activities exclusively for GLEF students, such as VBA workshops, investment analysis workshops, and dialogues with business elites etc. Feedbacks from participants are very positive and this scheme will be continued under the support of GLEF program.